Honolulu is known for its warm, friendly people, breath taking beauty, and unique Hawaiian culture. Oahu Island and Honolulu are the most diverse of all of the Hawaiian Islands and offer a wide variety of attractions and activities. It has always been known as a place to relax and was a place of healing for ancient Hawaiian’s. Honolulu offers miles of white beaches, blue ocean, and at the same time has the excitement of a busy metropolitan city. In Hawaii you can surf the waves, experience the beautiful beaches, see the arts, or dance the hula. Honolulu, Hawaii is a place where culture reminds us that the past defines the present.

Honolulu’s ridges and valleys divide the city into evident residential areas and neighborhoods. Chinatown is in the historical downtown area and is one of Honolulu’s most exciting and affordable neighborhoods. It is a mix of Asians and Southeast Asians and has Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Korean, Thai, and Filipino people displaying their cultural traditions. It is a popular place to buy meat, fruits, fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables.

Waikiki (means “spouting water” in Hawaiian), with its beautiful white sandy beaches, is the tourist center of Honolulu. The beach is a great place for the whole family to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. It is also the site of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, comprised of over 200 shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Manoa Valley is a perfect example of the valleys caused from lava flows in Hawaii and has some of Honolulu’s most amazing scenery. Manoa Valley is a very green neighborhood with many trees, making it a cool and desirable place to reside. There is everything here from plantation and colonial style homes to bungalows, many of them dating back to the early 1900’s. It is home to Hawaii University, which gives the valley the feel of a relaxed suburban neighborhood and college town set in a tropical garden or rain forest. The Ala Moana or Downtown district contains bars, corporate headquarters, shopping centers, and many hotels. It is a collection of fine dining and ethnic shopping coupled with the metro area businesses.