Honolulu does not have any professional sports teams but residents are supporters of the local high school and college football, volleyball, baseball, and basketball programs. Because of their mild climate, Honolulu is able to conduct year round athletic activities. In 2004, Honolulu was named as the “Fittest City in America” by the Men’s Fitness magazine.

Golfing is one of the main sports that residents of Hawaii participate in. Golfing on the islands provides a very unique and challenging experience. There are many distractions such as the excessive wind (usually 15-30 mph), and a different type of grass than most golf courses. The Oahu Island and Honolulu boast over 35 golf courses and have ten different places where golf training lessons are available.

The Sony Open will launch the 2006 PGA Tour Season in Honolulu at the Waialae Country Club golf course. This event is another in the 41 continuous years of PGA Tour play at the Honolulu golf course.